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After I got sick it was Dr. Shippy who got my body back into balance. She educated me on how to build up my immune system with some critical lifestyle changes.  


Since I made those adjustments, I have lost 15 pounds, have more energy and mental clarity to manage my daily life.

Stacey L, Age 53, Round Rock Texas


"I have been a patient of Dr. Shippy's for 5 years. About a year ago when I suddenly fell ill, Dr. Shippy was on top of my treatment within two hours.


She was able to keep me out of the hospital and quickly stabilized me.


She continues to provide the latest treatment to improve my health."

Sarah B, 83, Austin TX


My husband and I made it a priority to enhance our immune systems. We followed Dr. Shippy's healthy immune protocol but when we both became ill, we fully recovered. We are very grateful to Dr. Shippy for helping us lay the foundation for a healthy immune response that was resilient when challenged.

Kathy, 67 and Dave C, 69 Austin TX



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