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In just 100 days you can have a stronger, more resilient immune system

Learn the strategies now, and be prepared with

Dr. Shippy's Be Resilient, Be Immune Program!

Elevate and improve your immune system

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What This Course Includes

  • Educational and Informative Videos

    In a series of over 25 comprehensive videos, Dr. Shippy explains the science of the immune system, what she's learned over this past year, and her recommendations on how to build resilience. 

  • Clinical Treatment Protocols

    Dr. Shippy shares her clinical treatments therapies and nutraceutical protocols, plus real patient outcomes and success stories.  

  • Nutrition + Diet Recommendations 

    Information on the important role nutrition plays in your health. Dr. Shippy also shares her favorite diet, recommendations, and beneficial foods for a strong immune system and resilient health.

  • Diagnostic Labs to Assess Your Health and Risks

    Information on the labs Dr. Shippy recommends to thoroughly assess immune health status. Labs that determine nutrient status, inflammation markers, your gut health, and others. 

  • Science, Research and Clinical Data 

    Information and analysis of the statistics and scientific data collected from the last year, including clinical studies, research and an extensive reference list.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Handouts 

    You'll receive over a dozen helpful handouts including Dr. Shippy’s meditation and water filtration guides, lifestyle and sleep checklists, favorite immune boosting recipes, mocktails and much more!  

  • Email Updates of Latest Medical Research & Prevention

    As new research is released, Dr. Shippy is committed to keeping you informed and translating complicated medical jargon into client-friendly conversations.

This program includes the strategies, tools and resources to help you strengthen your immune system and achieve resilient health.

​What You'll Learn

  • How to Build a Healthy Future

    In this course, you will learn all about the immune system, the current virus and therapies. However, the real lessons are in the foundations you'll learn to apply for your future health. 

  • How to Measure Your Immune Status

    Dr. Shippy also shares what she's learned from the past challenging year, how you can measure your current immune status, and how to prevent, prevail and prosper through this health challenge and beyond.

  • How to Strengthen Your Immune System

    Dr. Shippy shares the science and the critical steps to achieve an optimal immune system. Optimal immune status will prepare your body to fight more than just a virus.  ​

Online Immune Support Protocol Program on iPad




    Dr. Shippy's Approach


    You'll receive the tools, resources, and functional medicine protocols.


    Based on science, clinical studies, data and the latest research.


    Step-by-step guidance presented with a compassionate and empathetic style.

    Who Is This Program For?

    Anyone who wants to learn the science and strategies for a better, more resilient immune system to help fight infection and disease. There is so much to share in this insightful, comprehensive program.

    • Prevention

      If you or someone you know wants to learn how to be prepared, be resilient and be strong, sign up for this insightful and informative health program, led by Dr. Shippy.  

    • Supportive Program

      Known for her compassionate, and empathetic approach, Dr. Shippy guides you through the steps to take for resilient health. 

    • Long-Term Health Goals

      Prepare your body for a healthier future. Learn how to rebound from illness and minimize “long-hauler” syndrome.

    Some of the Topics Include:

    Immune Nutrients in Food

    One of the most important tools to influence how well your immune system works is the food you eat.

    What Labs to Ask For

    Labs to ask your healthcare provider for or DIY labs to understand your risks and what you need to do to improve your results. 

    Nutraceuticals and Supplements

    Knowing which  supplements to take and why, plus the importance of getting the best quality for building resilience.

    Optimize Your Immune System

    Your lifestyle choices may compromise or enhance how well your immune system is functioning. 

    The Evolution of this Program

    Since March of 2020, Dr. Shippy has been helping her patients and community through these challenging times. Early on there was limited knowledge or known treatments.


    Dr. Shippy was in the midst of caring for people with limited resources. Relying on her research, collaboration with colleagues, and clinical expertise, she forged ahead and formulated protocols that helped people prevent illness or recover quickly.  


    It has been quite a journey and we now know so much more than we did back in March 2020. The good news is that more therapeutics are available, and the survival rate has improved greatly. However, there are still unknowns regarding the long term impacts on the body. We know for some there are significant health concerns from what is now being termed “Long-Haulers”. 


    Dr. Shippy’s message and conclusion – is that everyone (especially those who may be high risk) should implement some key strategies to build up the immune system to achieve resilience for this infection as well as other illnesses. 


    Follow the steps in this program now and in just a few short months you can make great improvements and strides to better immune health. 

    Taught by a highly respected

    Board Certified Internal Medicine and Certified Functional Medicine doctor,

    Ann Shippy, MD

    Dr. Shippy operates a successful private practice in Austin, TX where she is known for her compassionate, attentive, and tireless approach to caring for her patients.


    She has gained a considerable reputation for successfully diagnosing and treating patients with complex illnesses.


    Her areas of expertise also include autoimmunity, neurology, gastrointestinal disorders, behavioral health, infertility and pregnancy, and toxicity.  


    Using cutting-edge science, research and genetic information to find and treat root causes–not just symptoms–of illness, Dr. Shippy has designed life-altering treatments and protocols for her patients by tapping into the human body’s incredible ability to express or repress helpful or detrimental genes, as well as prevent, heal and even reverse certain illnesses. 


    Prior to her medical career, Dr. Shippy was an executive and chemical engineer for IBM. 


    Dr. Shippy earned her MD from the University of Texas. She holds a master's degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.  

    After I got sick it was Dr. Shippy who got my body back into balance. She educated me on how to build up my immune system with some critical lifestyle changes.  


    Since I made those adjustments, I have lost 15 pounds, have more energy and mental clarity to manage my daily life.

    Stacey L, Age 53, Round Rock Texas


    "I have been a patient of Dr. Shippy's for 5 years. About a year ago when I suddenly fell ill, Dr. Shippy was on top of my treatment within two hours.


    She was able to keep me out of the hospital and quickly stabilized me.


    She continues to provide the latest treatment to improve my health."

    Sarah B, 83, Austin TX


    My husband and I made it a priority to enhance our immune systems. We followed Dr. Shippy's healthy immune protocol but when we both became ill, we fully recovered. We are very grateful to Dr. Shippy for helping us lay the foundation for a healthy immune response that was resilient when challenged.

    Kathy, 67 and Dave C, 69 Austin TX


    And for those who are interested in “nerding out” with Dr. Shippy,  she investigates the science and explains the connection to


    the way lifestyle impacts genetic expression and how this all ties into resilience, immunity, and your future health. 

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